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How to Tackle the USD 200 Trillion Monetization Challenge to Build Meaningful Social and Environment Impact

AguiaLabs participated this week to the 2014 TBLI Europe Conference in Amsterdam, an inspiring forum gathering 160+ key actors of Impact Investing in Europe.  Key takeaway from plenary sessions and 4 workshops: confirmation of our intuitions on the fact that most of private fortunes worldwide are severely under leveraged towards social and environmental change.  The challenge for next decade is to monetize trillions of private assets in order to fund large scale models that address societal and environmental challenges, via outcome-based and innovative hybrid financing structures.  

Implementing this is extremely complex and cultural barriers are strong: successful and meaningful progress can only be achieved by educating and helping mindsets evolve, using alternative work methods that involve all stakeholders. This is precisely at the core of AguiaLabs’s mission, business model and methodologies. TBC!

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